Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My family pictures

These are the most recent pictures for my side of the family! Once again I was running back and forth from the camera to pose, I swear I will have a remote the next time we do them-it's way too hard on me and the kids (very little camera focus-they just watch me go back and forth like a crazy lady) plus it will give me more time which = more pictures. This is the first time I have shot little Adelina (my brother's), I can't wait to do more pictures when she can walk-I already have some great idea's! Enjoy!



Lindsy Hartsock said...

So cute Liz. I love the grandparents picture and the one on the train was a really cool background! Hopefully we get to chat soon!

Jason and Kristina Murphy said...

Thanks for picking the good ones ;)

Mark and Kristen said...

I LOVE the picture of your whole family all together! :) You are very talented!