Saturday, December 21, 2013

Rhyne Newborns

This li'l guy is such a sweetie!
I just loved snuggling him....he smelled so sweet!
Love love love babies :0)
His mama is so great...she had to take a shirt home with her after he gave her a bath-lol

Rhyne Newborns

Giles Boys

These guys are so stinkin' cute!!
I could've edited pictures for days of the li'l guy-such a sweet smiler!
Pullin' lots of late nights to get finished on pictures before we move into our new house.
Soon I will have a dedicated studio-soooo excited! 
Watch for specials coming soon.
Thanks Ahsley-it was great to meet you and your handsome guys!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Fogle Fun

The first thing this awesome mama said to me when I came to their house was-
We want to do something fun and different, 
but can't think of anything!
Of course my thoughts when I saw a second floor banister and like 20 ft tree was this :0)
They were troopers and he didn't get dropped so I think it was successful...
brought loads of laughs for sure :0)
My most favorite thing is when a client tells me I can do whatever I want for their card-
then it is so much fun to let my imagination run wild!!
These guys are such a fun family 
and we had a great time! 
Can't wait to do Miss Alex' 2nd round of senior shots-she is such a pretty girlie-inside and out!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sweet 1 Year Old

It seems like just yesterday Vivvy's parents called me to take her first picture when she was only days old....
they grow so fast!
She is the sweetest little girl with such an innocent little smile. 
It has been so fun to take her photo every 2 months instead of 3 like I usually do-
I have really gotten to see her grow and reach milestones so much more than I usually do. 
It has been a joy getting to know her and her mama so much better. 
Stay adorable sweet Vivvy!!

Sister Love

Aren't these little ladies the cutest?!!
I started out taking Landee's pictures a few years back...
and I am happy to say that my skills are growing just like they are.
They are both super spunky girlies...
and amazingly cute-check out those eyes!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cute Brynners

Oh my goodness-isn't she just the cutest thing!!!
I did a snowman shoot for D last year-but B was much more cooperative. 
I absolutely love this little girl-
she gives the cutest expressions!

Molly 9 Months

Good Golly Miss Molly is already 9 months!!
She is such a cute girlie. 
We were able to snap some family pictures too during a beautiful snowstorm-
it's really one of the only things I love about snow :0)
She has grown so fast-it never ceases to amazing me how quickly it flies by.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mister Noah

Such a li'l sweetie this one is! 
Love how he is guiding that sleigh like a boss-lol...he was wiggling all over the place up there!
He is such a handsome guy and so snuggly-love it :0)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Adams Family

Love this little family!!
They are so sweet and cute!
Danen just played at her house last night and had such a great time.
She is from Brazil and the greatest lady-so glad to have met her!
Thanks Adams family-I love watching your family grow.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Kaiser Family

Man do I love doing Christmas mini's....
just wish it snowed when it was 70 degrees instead of 17!!
We started getting snow during this shoot-but not enough to see it. 
These guys were great to work with, but their li'l man wasn't really having it :0)
I don't blame him-it was pretty chilly!
Pinedale has some beautiful areas right in town for pix-which is amazing for mini's.
Wow-it's card season already and it has almost come and gone!
Thanks Kaiser family-it was lovely to meet y'all!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lee Family

This was one of the great nurses that taught our birth preparedness class.
She is such a sweet lady!!
Her and her hubby watched Danen all last basketball season so that I could do books. 
They were great with him and have been so good to Eric and I. 
I really don't think I have ever met such nice and giving people!
Thanks Lee family-I am so glad we beat the weather!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gorgeous Davis Family

This cute family won my mini-session giveaway 
and we had beautiful fall weather for their shoot! 
We had a fun time getting some non-traditional poses. 
They have so much energy and were up for anything. 
We have known these guys for awhile, 
as Ben painted our last house and is now painting our new house. 
You can tell how much they love each other 
and I was so excited to hear that Ben and Jen were getting married about a year ago...
these kiddos lucked out with a pretty phenomenal second mama :0)