Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MM Senior

I had a teacher call me a few weeks ago and ask if I could take pictures of one of the seniors. 
He moved here from the Philippines a few years back with his mom 
to make a fresh start and have access to a better future. 
He was pretty funny throughout our shoot-great personality. 
It was freezing that day with super cold wind-
luckily we were able to move fast :0)
 Good luck with college bud!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Linnemeyer Family

It is so hard to believe that 2 years ago we were taking pictures of their lil miss! 
Adding Mr Benson to the family just makes the complete though-he is so cute! 
The kiddos were full of lots of energy and love for their little brother...
so cute to watch them try to give him kisses...
I don't think he was as excited about it as they were though :0). 
Such an awesome little family! 
I am so excited for them and their cute lil one-
what a handsome boy! 
(it is hard to believe that Danen fit into some of the clothes he wears!)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lil Miss AMJ

I got to hang out with these sweet ladies for awhile...
and we had a great time getting this lil sass to finally crash! 
Danen stole some undivided attention from a substitute grandma too 
(I don't think she minded much-haha). 
Addylynn didn't really want to take pictures until the last 20 minutes or so 
but then she was an absolute gem! 
She is such a cute lil thing-those lips-so precious!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Little Ladies

These girlies were a hoot-
getting them to try and kiss their sister was pretty entertaining.
They are beautiful little ladies and so full of energy! 
Their new little sister is going to be quite the edition...
I told their mom I was happy I started with a boy and didn't have to do hair yet.
Even the sweet little one has a ton of gorgeous hair-
but their mom is awesome and they always look so cute! 
Thanks sweet girls for coming to see me and sharing your cute smiles!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Miss London

What a little sweetheart and all that hair-oh my goodness! 
She was pretty darn sweet for us...
she got nice and cozy in the pink pictures after she peed all over-
looking through pictures I totally got it on camera-
love moments like that, haha.
I am super excited for her mom and dad-
I know it was quite the journey getting her to come home after losing weight and jaundice. 
She is adorable Horrocks family!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

D's Lady Friend

Miss Klaire is already 6 months & I cannot believe it! 
Her mama & I always joke that she is Danen's girlfriend. 
They get along so well & he was pretty helpful for distractions at this shoot-haha.
 Her mom wanted her sitting up for her 6 months pix, 
but she had her own ideas & isn't quite there yet. 
Luckily she is prop-able...love all the bed pictures, 
she looks fabulous in gold!

Lil Mama

I am so excited to meet this new addition-due any day now!!! 
Her big sister is pretty excited too :0) 
I got to capture Landee as she has grown and can't wait to do the same with this new lass. 
I love babies and all their sweetness! 
She is coming in to a great family and extended family! 
(baby Willet and baby Brynlee are her cousins!)