Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My family pictures

These are the most recent pictures for my side of the family! Once again I was running back and forth from the camera to pose, I swear I will have a remote the next time we do them-it's way too hard on me and the kids (very little camera focus-they just watch me go back and forth like a crazy lady) plus it will give me more time which = more pictures. This is the first time I have shot little Adelina (my brother's), I can't wait to do more pictures when she can walk-I already have some great idea's! Enjoy!


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hoskins Family (new addition)

This is the Hoskins family pictures for 2008-with their new little addition Mara Jade ( 5 days new). Other members of the family include Shayne, Amber, Paige (almost 6), and Payden (almost 4). These were taken at the Idaho State Campus finishing up a 5 day photo shoot. It was fun but I think, I take that back, I know we were all exhausted and done with pictures after this shoot! It's amazing to see this little family continue to grow and I can't wait to watch little Mara grow up as I have her siblings. Congrats to the Hoskins and good luck managing 3 (busy) kids.

PS: I love my little dude's faux hawk, the cruel baby on the grass pictures were not my idea :0( and the sucking of nose was not staged-gotta love goofy Shayne

Little Ones

This is little Mara Jade and her brother and sister after she had come home from the hospital. Thank goodness that they can't remember this far back because she would probably hate me forever! We did a lot of little shoots while I was there so it wasn't too overwhelming, I think that she did around 5 while I was there-but she was a trooper, and so were her brother and sister (most of the time). I was able to try a few new things that I kept up my sleeve so I could do them new just for Amber (and besides if then they hadn't worked out she wouldn't kill me). I was pleased that they turned out and exceeded my expectations! I had to do quick thinking in making the fairy costumes and in fixing the angel wings. The biggest project of all was the mushroom I constructed for little Mara to lay on-but it was well worth the time. So thanks to my sister for putting up with all of my crazy ideas and to the kids for being quite patient! Love you all!