Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hoskins Family (new addition)

This is the Hoskins family pictures for 2008-with their new little addition Mara Jade ( 5 days new). Other members of the family include Shayne, Amber, Paige (almost 6), and Payden (almost 4). These were taken at the Idaho State Campus finishing up a 5 day photo shoot. It was fun but I think, I take that back, I know we were all exhausted and done with pictures after this shoot! It's amazing to see this little family continue to grow and I can't wait to watch little Mara grow up as I have her siblings. Congrats to the Hoskins and good luck managing 3 (busy) kids.

PS: I love my little dude's faux hawk, the cruel baby on the grass pictures were not my idea :0( and the sucking of nose was not staged-gotta love goofy Shayne


The Adams family said...

What wonderful pictures lady!!! I wish you were here right now cause Sasha and I are here in Idaho for two weeks! BUMMER!!! I could have had you take pictures! Hope you are doing well. You are very talented!

The Adams family said...

Oh oops - this is signed in under kira, but this is KRISTEN!!! :)