Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Little Lady Lois

Oh my goodness-don't you just want to squeeze her?
Good thing I am preggers already...she would've made me want another. 
She was so chill during this shoot and just kept laying her head down-
haha so hard to coax a sleepy smile or 2 :0)
She's gonna be a looker for sure!!

Lilly 9 Months

She is such a doll-still so petite :0)
Lilly is starting to get adventurous so she didn't like my crunchy silver backdrop much-lol
In just a few more months she will be one-crazy!!
She has the most beautiful blue eyes 
and I love capturing them!

Leslie One Year

This l'il bitty was so funny-she absolutely hated the headbands. 
I can't believe she is one already...
these shoots are my some of my fav's-
I love watching these kiddos go through their first year!
She looks so much different than her sister and her cousins, 
that has been super fun too-shooting a whole family.
She is such a cutie...can't wait to see if she has some hair by next year :0)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dahl Maternities

Oh goodness-these two were crackin' me up!
It was so bright outside we were all struggling...
and then there was the thigh deep snow we were trying to walk on top of-haha.
I seriously love my clients-I have some of the best!
I cannot wait to meet their new addition-
they are so sweet with each other 
and she is totally glowing!
Baby snuggles coming my way soon :0)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Pix

Oh my goodness-Spring Pix were a blast this year!!!
All the kiddos were so cute 
and for the most part gentle with the chickies.
I love love loved this backdrop and the pop of color it gave. 
I am finished with these and back onto my editing schedule....
I just can't seem to catch up with all the amazing clients I am getting weekly-
but I am sure trying!
Thanks for all your support everyone-pix are coming soon!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Miss Molly

Good Golly Miss Molly is ONE!!
I cannot believe how fast a year can go...
and I am not even the mama!!
I have so loved watching Molly grow-
she has quite the spark in her :0)
It's either all smiles or all done-lol
Do big things baby girl!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sweet McCall

This sweet l'il bitty came 3 weeks early...quite a shock to her mama.
She is so cute and tiny!
She was not loving pictures-although you can't tell...thank goodness for swaddling!!
She has the sweetest little squishy bits
it'll make you baby hungry for sure!

Gorgeous Girlies

These 2 are so stinkin' cute!!
Their mama had the sweetest little outfits for them.
I am bummed not to see them get bigger any more though because they moved like 2 days after we did their pictures...
they're going to be stunners!
They all have daddy wrapped around their fingers (mom included)...he is great with the ladies-lol
Thanks Smith family-good luck on your new adventure!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Noah 6 Months of Cuteness

This handsome little fella is already half way to one!
He is so cute and such a happy kiddo...
look at that smile-it'll make ya melt for sure!
His mama always had the cutest little gentlemen outfits for him-love it.