Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chase's Senior Pictures

This is Chase, one of the kids that Eric coaches and that we work with at the high school here. He's a great kid and we had a lot of fun doing this shoot with his step mom, Deb (isn't she beautiful??). He was so serious though! I had to get pretty creative with what I said to get his 'real smile', but isn't he handsome when he has one (which I take back everything I said and swear them both to secrecy)?! I know that Chase has a lot in store for him, he's too fun to let life pass him by! Thanks Chase, you made me remember how much fun spontaneity can be! Oh and keep on watching on this site-Chase has agreed to do a kind of crazy shoot with me that involves fire and sports :0).

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hoskins Christmas Picts

I did a quick Christmas shoot for my sisters family this last weekend when they were down for Thanksgiving holiday. It is always fun to look at how the kids are growing, but man do they have some big personalities! It seemed like every time Payden was happy Paige wasn't and vice versa. She also wanted some pictures like the last ones I did, but the baby wouldn't fall asleep and she keep eating the feather boa and the sparkly ornaments. We got some cute ones after I cleaned her mouth out (full of feathers and sparkles-she kept sparkles on her head for the rest of the trip). Enjoy my cute little nieces and nephew-we sure did when they were visiting!