Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sweet Brynlee

This lil sweetness was so amazing during this whole shoot. 
So relaxed and calm! 
She is so sweet and beautiful...I am pretty sure her parents are head over heels for her, 
knowing how fast I fell in love with her I can see why! 
Man I love babies-especially when they make my job so easy :0) 
I cannot wait to watch her grow into a beauty just like her mama!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Douglas Kiddos

This is another one of Eric's basketball kiddos...
I have gotten to know his mom through the season and 
she asked me to replicate an old valentine photo for her. 
We had a really good time for this shoot...
lots of laughs from the kiddos~makes my job easy :0). 
It was fun to try something new and do a valentines card instead of Christmas or graduation...
and I love owls so it worked perfectly!
 Thanks Douglas kiddos-you guys are great!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lil Man Austin

This is the first time I have met this lil cutie...he took a little while to warm up, 
but we did get a few smiles mixed in with the tears :0). 
His mom and I had a good laugh when they got here...
she had called me upset and said they couldn't make it because Austin's dad had sat on the cake she was going to use for the cake destroy and then smashed the side of the replacement on the way over. 
I told her it was hard not to laugh when I heard that on the phone...
I am sure it is something I won't hear again anytime soon! 
They got a replacement cake and made it over-
I am sure glad they did so I could meet this handsome lil man
He turns 1 soon and I am sure he will be ready for his birthday cake then...
since it took some coaxing to get him to dig into this one. 
Thanks so much Austin and Sarah...it was great to meet you all!!

Avery Is 1!

I cannot believe this lil sweetheart is already 1! 
I love her mama to pieces & so does D man...she watches him when I work. 
Avery is always trying to play with and help him while he is there...such a lil mama :0). 
We didn't get too many smiles out of her, but she really is a happy baby
I can't wait to watch her grow...just like I have been watching her older sister-time goes too fast!