Saturday, August 14, 2010

McMillen Kiddos

These little cuties are one of my friends kids...and aren't they adorable?? I am so in love with her amazing cheeks and I think Owen looks like the super cute kid on Big Daddy. I was so happy at how this shoot turned out! I was nervous at first because my camera has been having some issues but they turned out great. We were doing a 9mo. shoot for Ainslee and had Owen jump in on a few. It was a great shoot-super easy going which always turns out the best...and I think because of that we got some great shots! I have also started putting on my logo (watermark)-finally...let me know what you think of it, and if you have been wanting a summer shoot let me know because we're running out of time-soon it will be all fall shoots!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

KC Engagement Sneak

This adorable couple is from Texas. Cody is out here working so they found me through a friend and asked if I would do a shoot for them while Kari was visiting. They were so fun to work with-super easy going...and their southern drawls are to die for! (I swear I will teach my kiddos to say "Yes, Ma'am" and "Yes, Sir"-love it). They will be getting married next year and then they will move out to Pinedale. With such a cute and happy couple...I know they have great things in store for them!!

Simmons Maternity Sneak

This lovely little couple is some of our friends...Dane and Jen Simmons. They are expecting LaJae in a little under 2 weeks now. I am still sorting through all the photos we took. Jen does photography also so she was great to let me play around while we were dying in the hot sun. I can't wait to have time to get to the rest of these, and even more I can't wait to meet their new addition. Love these guys and I love that they are sooo happy!!

Family Reunion

A lady from my ward called me and asked me to come shoot their family reunion....super nerve racking! It turned out pretty well though. They had quite the group. I mainly took Nedra's immediate family...they had 8 children! It was pretty amazing to see the generations of this family...and they were great to work with!

English Horse Show

I was asked by a photographer here in Pinedale to cover the English Horse Show for the Sublette County Fair while she shot a wedding. It was interesting to watch, I have never seen a horse show. Very different from the high speed pace of barrel racing and rodeo. The ages spanned from little tykes to adults. It is always amazing to me the power of a horse, they truly are magnificent animals!

Oram Kiddos

We were able to have one of Eric's brothers and his family for a visit. While they were here we did a little impromptu photo shoot. Their little girlies are so cute! Sage, their newest addition is the smiliest baby I have ever seen. Eve is a super curious little 2 year old who can not be tricked in to sitting still for a photo. We loved having them here...I mean who wouldn't-aren't they the cutest??