Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lloyd Family Christmas Session

I work with the Mommy of this super cute family. Seriously, could they be any more handsome? Those boys...wow! We had a great time tromping around a friends ranch finding cool things to take photos by! It turned out to be a beautiful day...and although my camera is reacting a little weird to colder weather, we got some really great shots!

Haley Kiddos

These super cute kiddos belong to a friend at work. We had so much fun trying to get them to look, smile, sit, ect. during this session. They were such a bundle of energy. It was so cute the little one was having so much fun he kept giggling and losing his balance and taking down the backdrop with him, so funny to watch. Great boys to photograph-there was never a dull moment!!

Webb Family Christmas Session

I got to shoot these super cute kiddos again when their dad came into town to do a family photo session. It was much brighter than I had planned that day, but we ended up getting some great shots of Dad and the kiddos. We have this super cool park here that gives great opportunities for photos, I only wish I could have perfect weather year round to utilize it!

Grant Senior Photos

This handsome young man is one of the Bishop's sons in my ward, and we had tons of laughs while doing his photos. All I can say is thank goodness Eric made me watch "Nacho Libre" about a billion times because nothing got a better smile out of Grant then a quote from that movie...("Choncho, I need to borrow some sweats" and "I've had diarrhea's since Easters"). We made it all over town in an hour and got some really great shots along with all our laughs :0).