Thursday, October 27, 2011

Egle Family Sneak

This is the other Egle clan...and I love this family!!

They have been so amazing to Eric and I since we moved here.

They have great kids and are such an awesome family.

Erin is one of Eric's Pure Performance kiddos,

and her brother Ethan is one of his Basketball players.

The twins both played football when Eric coached-

they were so exciting to watch, crazy hard hitters.

Rhonda and Kenny are fabulous parents-so involved and willing to help out.

Seriously we had an amazing time....I just wish we could have had more!

The ranch they brought me to was amazing,

we did Erin's 2nd photoshoot there right before we did family pix...

and I cannot wait to edit those!!

Thanks Egle fam...hope you love them :0)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Egle Family

Oh man, we had such a good time together at this shoot.

The dad, Michael, is flat out hilarious.

I work with the mom of the clan, TeAnn and she is amazing.

They were so easy going and fun!

Of course it was super bright outside, and then got dark before we knew it...

but all in all it was a great evening (minus the wind creating hair scarves).

Thanks Egle fam!