Thursday, September 30, 2010

Young Love

A couple more favs of Jack and Corries engagement shoot...pretty hard to pick a fav when they were so amazing in so many! Wedding wishes to an amazing couple!!

Archibald Family 2010

Love this little family! They are some of our most favorite peoples! Trav and Eric go way back...and for that I am grateful because his wife is such an amazing person and I love spending time with her. Meeting Eric's friends and their wives sometimes is awkward because I don't really mesh with the wife like I would a friend I picked for myself-but Rhianon is no such case-I love this lady! I love being able to see them and watch their family grow. I am so glad we finally convinced them to come and see our new digs. While they were here we did a little shoot before dinner...and they were super patient with me although they were hungry. However, dinner was worth waiting for (if I do say so myself)-I saved the best for last. Thanks Archibalds for coming and seeing us! Much luv!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jack & Corrie....Sneek Peek

These guys were such a fun couple to shoot. You know those people that have such chemistry together that it makes you jealous? Yup, they have it. They reminded me of some of our friends in Cody, so it was a really good time-easy shoot. I also had some serious hair envy, doesn't Corrie have amazing locks? (While editing I was secretly wish I had my hair back) I had such a hard time picking photos to edit for their shoot that I ended up doing a lot of extras...which is exactly how I like it-I was in love with this shoot. I know they will be a super happy couple...and rightfully deserving.

Hoskins Family

My sister asked if I would come and shoot all of Shayne's family. It turned out to be a really nice day....until we took the full family photo and then it was on it's way to a downpour. Luckily-we got a great one just in time! It's crazy to me how much families change over the years...I know it's inevitable-but still interesting to watch them change and grow.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Claire 2yr Shoot

Love this little girl and her family. She is always one of my easiest shoots. Just look at that smile! I did her 8 month shoot and we finally got the chance to get together to do her 2 year photos before her new sibling comes (hopefully sometime this week!). Her Uncle Gus kept her completely entertained and laughing...she was so cute blowing raspberries and then laughing at herself. I can't wait to shoot her and her new little sibling!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Binning Family

Amy and I were finally able to coordinate a time when all 6 kids would be together for family photos. They have 2 seniors this year, and haven't had a whole family shoot in a very long time. We decided to do more non-traditional family shots, and had a pretty fun morning. With their littlest guy this proved to be a very easy method, lol! They have such a great family and it was fun to be able to see each kids personality come out in their photos. In Pinedale you never know with the weather, but luckily we had beautiful summer weather that morning. However, our good weather is coming to a close so senior/Christmas card photos need to be done soon-call me for your appointment!