Sunday, October 5, 2008

Neal's Sr. Pictures

This is Neal, and wow he was patient with this shoot! We became friends with his family right when we moved to Pinedale (Eric is one of his coaches), and so on this shoot I had help from his mom and sister-which with direction from all 3 of us he was extremely patient (can you imagine 3 women-hahaha, they were a big help to me though). Even Grandpa threw out some crazy ideas. It was actually a pretty cold day, but he was willing to try out any suggestion-and in doing so we got around a 100 usable pictures for his senior shots. I did some color altered shots, but I loved the colors so much I decided to only post those. It was a very entertaining day-so thank you Neal for being such a great sport!!! Good luck on your senior year!!


Jen Simmons said...

They look real good Liz!! I love your angle shots, you must teach me that technique, I tried to figure it out in my head but alas, I cannot! Anyway, they are looking great, keep up the good work! Oh and I looked at your cute house on your other blog, you have a kitchen hooray! And it's decorated so well, you really have a knack for that. Anyway, looks good can't wait to visit!

Me said...

Great shots! My fav is the on on the truck! NiCE!

Me said...

LOVE the card too!