Friday, September 14, 2012

Kara Maternities

I am always kind of nervous when I do pictures for someone I have never met before, 
but I just fell in love with this little family
They were so great to work with and their little guy is adorable
They didn't know at the time what they were having...
but they had a little girlie who is now about a month old-beautiful lil' thing!! 
Those pix are soon to come :0). 
Check back often because I am editing up a storm and shooting like crazy!! 

Robbins Family 2012

This little guy is 2 already 
and his mom is getting ready to deliver his sibling any day now! 
I cannot wait to meet their new addition! 
He was so fun to take pictures of-way into the exploring age. 
Check back soon to find out if he has a sister or a brother-WAHOO!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gabrielle 9months

Man I cannot believe this little guy is already 9 months! 
He is so big and cute- those eyelashes are to die for!! 
We has quite an adventurous shoot...
a moose decided to pay us a visit in a couple of the areas we were shooting. 
It made for quite the background~
and surprise moments as it came out of the bushes 
only a few feet from where we were shooting in the grass! 
He is such a handsome boy and I hope his mommy loves this sneak 
(she is away with him on the Brazilian beaches-jealous!!).
Have fun & see you all soon!!

Baby Hecht

So excited for Keri...Miss Klaire is here! 
She is an absolute doll and her parents are completely in love...
who can blame them~she's gorgeous!
 Her mama did great work and is so happy to have her here.   
She came over the other day with Klaire 
and when she left Eric and I teased Danen (not that he gets it-lol) 
that she could be his girlfriend...haha, they are super close in age. 
Congrats Kevin and Keri!!