Monday, February 28, 2011

EW Announcement

This is the first of 3 custom graduation announcements that I am doing this year.
I loved how this one turned out-so totally him.
His mom even had me put some of her photos of ranching details on it.
I love personal details like that!
It will be front and back postcard style in a linen finish-cowboy to a T (smiles).

BM Senior

Mr. M has been coached by Eric for the last 3 years now.
He has turned into a great kid and has an amazing adventure side.
He kept me going all shoot long with plenty of idea (which I love!).
I can't believe these kiddos are graduating and that we have known them for 3 years already. He's a one of a kind for sure-I mean
it's not everyday you find a cowboy snowmobile rider :0).
Good luck Blaine!

CH Senior

This is one of Eric's b-ball players, and
I loved this shoot.
He was so shy at first, and by the end think he was ready to start modeling-lol!
It had just snowed a ton, and was not warm in the least, but he was a super trooper.
At one point we were both in snow up to our thighs,
and he had no jacket on-but I didn't hear one complaint.
It is so nice to take photos and have one on one time to get to know the kids
...they really are great ones too.
Enjoy (and I promise he did smile-I just loved his serious ones!)

Beautiful Skaters

I had the opportunity to also photograph these cousins at their ice show.
They all did such an amazing job, and looked so beautiful!
It's hard to believe that they can have such talent at such a young age.
They did the cutest dance all together-makes me wish I was closer to my cousins.
I loved watching the show, and although I wish the lighting was better-I think we got some great shots. Enjoy their cuteness!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Skating Baby

Here is little miss Allibug again-she is the busiest little girl!
From dancing to skating to pageants-and she is adorable in all of the above!
This was by far the coldest indoor shoot I have done, but so rewarding!
The girls all did an amazing job.
Little miss A. was so cute, she definitely knew she was bringing the cute for her performance. That amazing smile and those little scooting skates were completely
heart melting!
Great job Allibug!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shake Your Groove Thang

It was so much fun to go and shoot Ally at her dance recital!
I went early and got photos of her practicing and getting ready to perform.
Those little girls were so stinkin' cute to watch!
I absolutely love how her photos turned out...especially since I couldn't convince her to sit still.
She is such a doll!
Enjoy her cuteness!!