Sunday, February 26, 2012

Miss SS

She's such a beautiful miss....

seriously she rocked this shoot.

We went to her families property and she was awesome.

She climbed in a bin of sticks-barefoot.

Got in the creek-during mid fall :0)

And she didn't complain one bit-love that!

Loved the location...and Steph was amazing!

Good luck girlie-you got big things ahead of you!!

Ice Skating Winter Show

One of my amazing Pinedale friends asked me again this year to shoot her kiddo in ice skating.

It kinda exploded this year to 5 family specific shoots

(which means I follow their kid/kiddos for the day and capture every moment)

along with team photos.

I used their team logo...tweaked it a bit...and created my own memory mate.

A first....but definitely not a last.

Love watching these girlies and capturing the details!

Thanks ladies!!

MA Senior

This mister and I didn't have a ton of shoot time before it was going to get dark...

but we did fit in a lot in that time.

I have a couple go to spots in town here...

although I miss my hometown's downtown like crazy for urban shoots.

It is always a little more tricky with the dudes...

since I obviously I am used to girly posing.

But I love a serious expression that only a guy can seem to master.

Thanks and good luck Miguel!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's True...

I get a lot of comments about's true,
but this I just had to laugh about ;0).
Hope ya'll enjoy it...more pix coming soon!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Props Gallore!

I just found the cutest props!! Check it out @ will be adding some to my collection soon :0)
Plus they have an Epiphanie bag giveaway right now...definetly on my want list!!