Wednesday, May 30, 2012

McGuire Family

This lil' family and I had a great time! 
We did a play/family shoot-way more fun and easier for kiddos. 
It was a super bright morning, 
but trying to fit people in before the lil' mister comes we decided to go for it anyways. 
They have a super fun backyard with a cool play center the Dad built
-luv it-
and so do the kiddos. 
Lil' man says to me as I squeeze my swollen belly into the fort
-"How'd you get in here? You are too big!"-
My thoughts exactly lil' man :0). 

I will be out for a bit soon when the peanut comes...
but check back for two 1 year shoots and pix of our lil' mister!

Monday, May 21, 2012


These are my brothers stinkin cute! 
I was super happy to be able to go and meet them in New Jersey. 
We did a couple quick sessions and luckily got them to sleep at the same time-
harder than you may think, 
especially since we were constantly trying to prop them on each other :0). 
We tried some pix with glasses
...their Great Grandpa's glasses...
they wouldn't stay asleep or stay still for that matter, 
but their eyes were pretty funny with those glasses-haha. 
Can't wait to see these guys when our own little mister gets here-
so happy they get to come and see us with their other cute siblings!!

Lil' Gabriel

Lil' man was not super happy for this shoot...
but we did manage a few smiles :0)
My sister has been great in making me some new props for the baby...
and it was so fun to use them with Gabriel!
Next time we're hoping for some more smiles...
but he is absolutely adorable-even when he's crying :0)

Sunday, May 13, 2012


It was so great to be able to take Delilah's maternity photos...
I am almost more excited about her pregnancy than mine! 
You see she only has 1/2 a uterus which has made it impossible for her and her husband to be able to carry a pregnancy through. 
She has had miscarriages but they never believed she would be able to sustain a child with her condition. Understanding the fate of this they have 3 beautiful children they have adopted...
2 are tribal babies like her husband 
and their last lil cutie who they were told was Native American 
actually ended up being a blonde little heartthrob :0). 
I met this little family through my sister and took their pix last summer 
with an amazing brown couch in a field-loved those. 
I was super surprised when my sister told me Delilah was preggo 
and then very concerned when she told me the baby had like a 5% chance of survival. 
She and I are due around the same time and 
I couldn't imagine the heartbreak they were preparing themselves for. 
The doctors told her is she could make it to 26 weeks (I think it was) 
that the baby would have a good chance of survival. 
Each month they waited and sure enough she made it through her first trimester (huge risks), 
then her second, 
and now she is almost all done! 
There are still risks with her last trimester, 
but the baby will be healthy at any point from here on out and 
I couldn't be more excited for them to welcome little Jasper Wolf into their super cute family
Thanks so much Delilah for letting me capture your amazing pregnancy and I can't wait to see that handsome lil guy!