Monday, April 23, 2012


Super excited to shoot this wedding this summer. 
They are my favorite kind of couple-in love, and laid back! 
And oh man, she has the most amazing red hair and his blue eyes-luv it!
We had a super quick session at the park during one unusually sunny March day. 
Luckily we found enough shady spots. 
Can't wait to see these 2 on the day of their wedding-
it's going to be beautiful!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Landee Love

I cannot believe this little cutie is already 9 months!
She looks just like her cousin did at that age...
I love seeing their pix side by side when I edit so
I threw one on here just to prove how similar they are!
I cannot believe how fast she is growing!
She's 9 months and WALKING...which made for some interesting shots.
She tried to jump or climb off of everything we put her on so
we had to get more creative.
She is gonna give her momma a run for her money for sure-she's a daredevil,
but a doll for sure!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Miss Pres

This lil' cutie was not too happy about taking pictures for her mini session...
but man when we finally got a smile she did it with her whole body!!
So stinkin adorable!
She's moving this week,
and I am going to miss her momma and being able to see her grow!!
Be safe on your new adventure Bollich fam!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mister Aunders

Man, Eric and I just luv this kid!
He has been working out with Eric and is now also addicted to Crossfit.
He is going to get certified soon and has totally changed his physiec this year because of it.
He competed in the Crossfit open along side Eric and did pretty well.
I could go on and on about Aunders-
he is the type you hope your son will be and
one you hope your daughter will marry...
an outstanding kiddo.
Aunders is super into hockey so we had some fun getting some ice shots.
He also had his jaw wired shut earlier this year and braces
so we schedule a different session to make sure he got some senior shots without his braces on.
Eric and I are so proud of this guy
and cannot wait to see all the amazing things he will accomplish in life!!