Thursday, August 21, 2008

Family Pictures

Kira, Aaron, and Emma were so very patient with me on this shoot! I recently had some problems with my camera (I broke it :0( ), so I was borrowing a camera and it didn't work quite like mine-nor did the batteries, so thank you to them for being so great! Emma is totally full of life-but on her 2 year old stage, so she wasn't too into pictures. With a little bribery of the slide we coaxed a few smiles out of her and her Uncle Joey (adopted by Kira's parents). We definitely had to turn picture taking into a game to get these 2, but they're so cute that I didn't mind :0).

This is my amazing friend Misty with her hubby Scott and little one Easton. I have known Misty for several years and was ecstatic when I found out she was having a little one!! I didn't take up photography until he was much older, but it was fun to take their little family picture. He didn't really love doing pictures (and still seems not to), but we did end up with a few in the end. He had a great time when we played with the leaves, but wasn't to keen on singular pictures!

These are my sisters most recent family photos. We'll be doing them again soon since their new little one arrived yesterday! I will miss not living by them! I have learned so much about child rearing, and I love my niece and nephew to death! How could I not? They're so dang cute, and they always say the most funny things! Kids definitely keep you on your toes. With this shoot I definitely had to be engaging, because these kids tire of their Aunt taking so many pictures pretty quick :0)

This is McKenzie, her Dad, and her kids. It was really cold this day-but they were troopers! She has such a love and adoration for her kids, you can totally tell when she looks at them. She wanted to do this shoot as a thank you to her Dad for all his help with all that she has been through in the past little while. Her son had a hard time doing a real smile, but we caught a few in the end :0).

This is my cousin Shannon and her hubby with their little twins. They don't look alike-but I promise they're twins. We joke that one is from her side and the other from Nate's. The girls were so good during this shoot-of course I had held from their Aunty who was so entertaining that I had to remind their parents not to watch her. There is something amazing about capturing someones first family photo-I was so glad to be able to do this for their new little family.

This is the photo shoot that started it all. I had just got my camera for graduation and took picutres of my sisters two kids. Paige and Payden are so stinkin' cute!! Payden was pouting because he had ripped bark frm the tree and it made him sad that he couldn't put it back on. It's amazing to look back on these pictures and realize how much they have grown and changed. For this reason I feel truly blessed to be able to have the ability to give people the opportuntiy to remember these moments forever-nothing says it like a picture does! (Once again my alterations did not hold in the transefer-I'm still trying to work this out.)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This is my own familia! This shoot was challenging because I have not bought a remote for my camera yet and I really got a workout running back and forth to shoot and then pose. Due to this some of the pictures didn't turn out because I had long hair a the time and would end up with either wild woman hair or a hair scarf. It was definently a learning experience-for everyone. Lots of patience with me and with trying to get the kids to watch the camera and not their crazy aunt running wildly :0).

Once again this is my friend Lindsy, when her little one Carter was a month old. Let me tell you this about their 'little' family, I really look up to them-not only because they're super tall, but they inspire me to have a better marriage, to have fun in my everyday life, and to travel as much as possible!! It's really fun to shoot them mainly because I really have to think on how to get good shots/poses, because I will be forever looking up to them :0)! I love you guys lots!!