Monday, January 7, 2013

BBall Boys

I am finishing up my seniors and here is a few more shots of some senior boys. 
Eric was the head coach last year and made some great relationships with the kids. 
Calvin (top 2) is a really great kid~I posted some other pictures of him earlier...
but I had him wait until season to get a few more. 
Owen (last 3 pix) was one of those kiddos that Eric got close to; 
he is a really good kid. 
We have gotten to know he and his mom pretty well 
and she was nice enough to offer to watch D while Eric had surgery...
then they brought D a mini basketball for Christmas. 
D loved watching Owen dribble one night and was in complete giggle fits over it...
haha, it was pretty cute. 
He is planning on going to California for college, 
and I don't blame him-that suns sounds super nice :0). 
Good luck in the sun O!

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