Monday, November 14, 2011

Palmertree Clan

This was a new thing for me this year...

seemed like I had lots of requests for dogs to be in photos.

I am not a huge animal lover in general, but I do like to take pictures of them.

These little doggies were no exception and we were able to get some pretty funny shots.

They worked in perfectly with their Christmas card (coming in my next post).

Mandy has been great to me since we moved here...she is seriously one of the nicest and most generous people you could ever meet.

This was the first time I met her husband,

and I loved his individual shot because it was western to a T.

They are an amazing couple always taking in more dogs...

this is just 2 of their 6 dogs.

I tried to convince them to bring all 6,

but after I saw how hard it was to keep the attention of 2...

I decided it's probably a good idea they didn't listen to my insanity :0).

Thanks Palmertree clan...I hope you love them!

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