Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hoskins Family 2011

My sisters little family and I went out to an Idaho field for a little shoot this summer while I was home.

It was fast and super hot.

Paige was not crazy about pictures in the slightest, but we did manage to get one shot of her. Mara and Payden on the other hand did great and were jumping in to all kinds of pictures.

My sister and I found this amazing chair at a garage sale this summer...

and I keep trying to convince here that I need it...

especially now for the baby's room

(maybe someday she'll cave and give it to threats still aren't working to get it).

I had this idea for a card...and she asked for the turned pictures

(with my minor OCD...I really prefer strait lines),

we were going to try and make it along the lines of the partridge in the pear tree-

but we couldn't get the words to work....

haha, but you can't kill a girl for trying.

Love ya Hoskins flock :0).

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