Monday, July 11, 2011

Gorgeous Adalyn Rose

Isn't she a little beauty?...takes after her mom in that department.

Little miss Adalyn was not crazy about pictures since in our first 2 shots she tipped over-you should've seen the look she gave her mama :0).

Eventually she warmed up to the camera and did amazing.

We wore her right out so we also got some great sleeping shots.

She is wearing 2 of the new rompers I got-seriously so cute!

I love that third picture-I am pretty sure her look says

"come on lady, you've got to be kidding me..are you really not done flashing that bright light in my face yet-lets finish this"

I love capturing littlies-

they have so much spunk and I love watching their cute personalities come across at such a young age.

I am starting to book up for this summer and for the first part of fall-

so call if you're needing some memories captured!

(PS...Poky people I will be there in 2 weeks if anyone needs new family pictures)

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