Sunday, August 3, 2008

This is my lovely friend Linds, who I have known for forever-and she never ceases to amaze me! She agreed to let me do her maternity pictures, and I was super excited with this being her first child. Maternity pictures are one of my new fav's for the sheer fact that a woman can never look more beautiful, and I feel honored to be able to capture that amazing glow.
So thank you Linds-you are truly beautiful inside and out!!


Jessica Adams said...

Liz! I was so excited that you have a blog! You have quite the knack for photography! Are you guys back in Poky? I heard you were thinkin about PA school? Are you still? Holy cow I just had a flashback of our Psych 101 class and the red haired guy that we were in love with! :) Ha! Ha! Can't wait to hear what you are up to!

Jessica Adams said...

Post away Liz! My sister lives in Afton, WY! I would say that we could meet up in Wyoming some time....but I am definitely a city girl! I would go insane living where she does! You went on a date with him! You can go ahead and pull the knife out of my heart liz! :) Ha! Ha! I saw Lindsey Lewis on your blog! I can't believe she has a baby! That is awesome! Her kids are destined to be tall! If I could even have a 1/4 of that gene! :) It's so fun to stay in touch with you guys! Next time you are in town Liz! A reunion is a must! Ill even wear my spandex signed by coach corrington! :0 ha ha