Thursday, August 21, 2008

Family Pictures

Kira, Aaron, and Emma were so very patient with me on this shoot! I recently had some problems with my camera (I broke it :0( ), so I was borrowing a camera and it didn't work quite like mine-nor did the batteries, so thank you to them for being so great! Emma is totally full of life-but on her 2 year old stage, so she wasn't too into pictures. With a little bribery of the slide we coaxed a few smiles out of her and her Uncle Joey (adopted by Kira's parents). We definitely had to turn picture taking into a game to get these 2, but they're so cute that I didn't mind :0).

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Melissa Fisher said...

Hey are you still in town? Sorry I didnt' get back to you. Just been a little busy....and forgetful! If you're not busy with family stuff call me!