Friday, May 17, 2013

Brisko Kiddos

We finally got to doing Boston's year photos...
and took some of his spunky sister while we were at it. 
Funny thing though-Danen wanted to be right there in the mix with them...
luckily Mama Mandy isn't quite ready for a 3rd so I get to keep him :0) 
Boston is a little bit older than my kiddo and it is so fun to watch them "play". 
He is about 2 times the size of D, 
but D kept tackling him and at one point had him in the wrestling start position-haha, 
I don't think he knew what to think of it all. 
Once we could get them all corralled and looking in my general direction we got some good shots...
that is no small feat with a group this age that is super busy-haha!!! 
I think Mandy and I probably looked pretty nutty with all we did to get attention and smiles. 
Thanks Mandy for helping with the craziness!

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