Wednesday, May 30, 2012

McGuire Family

This lil' family and I had a great time! 
We did a play/family shoot-way more fun and easier for kiddos. 
It was a super bright morning, 
but trying to fit people in before the lil' mister comes we decided to go for it anyways. 
They have a super fun backyard with a cool play center the Dad built
-luv it-
and so do the kiddos. 
Lil' man says to me as I squeeze my swollen belly into the fort
-"How'd you get in here? You are too big!"-
My thoughts exactly lil' man :0). 

I will be out for a bit soon when the peanut comes...
but check back for two 1 year shoots and pix of our lil' mister!

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