Sunday, September 25, 2011

Little Miss

This little Miss was full of sass when she came to me...

could be that she had just changed her sleeping schedule...

therefor her eating schedule and pooping schedule, ect ;0).

She was pretty hilarious-

we had to put her to sleep before I could be in her field of vision without her crying.

I promise I don't always have that effect on babies-lol.

Anyways, when we were all done and I had put my camera away she started smiling...

so alas I pulled it back out to get that perfect shot.

The minute she saw me and my big black extra appendage she started bawling again...

(you can tell where this is headed right?)

I put the camera back away and instantly she shut off the tears and started smiling again.

I will admit it-she got the best of me, good thing she's a little cutie.

No worries though-I will be ready for Miss L when she comes back...mmmwwahhaha ;0).

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