Saturday, November 6, 2010

Adams Family

I have known the Mom of this cute little family for most of my life-we used to be neighbors and luckily she has stayed best friends with my sister so we have all stayed in contact. We did a super quick shoot when I went to Poky for a scrapbooking retreat. We went down town and did a couple family shots and then little miss Emma directed us as to where she wanted her photos...I was much obliged, because when kids call the shots-the photos turn out the best. She was great and we got some fun photos. Her sister on the other hand was less than thrilled with my choices-hopefully in a few years she'll be as excited as Emma was.

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Melissa Fisher said...

I love looking at your pictures Liz. You do a great job. I would love if you could take our pictures one of these times you are this way. When you come for thanks giving we should hang out :)