Thursday, September 30, 2010

Archibald Family 2010

Love this little family! They are some of our most favorite peoples! Trav and Eric go way back...and for that I am grateful because his wife is such an amazing person and I love spending time with her. Meeting Eric's friends and their wives sometimes is awkward because I don't really mesh with the wife like I would a friend I picked for myself-but Rhianon is no such case-I love this lady! I love being able to see them and watch their family grow. I am so glad we finally convinced them to come and see our new digs. While they were here we did a little shoot before dinner...and they were super patient with me although they were hungry. However, dinner was worth waiting for (if I do say so myself)-I saved the best for last. Thanks Archibalds for coming and seeing us! Much luv!

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The Archibalds said...

Wow Liz, you never cease to amaze me!!!! LOVE the pics, that one of Dylan is soooo precious. Thanks for sharing your talent with our family. love ya!