Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hoskins Family Summer 2010

This is my sisters family and the great thing about shooting them is I get to be as creative as I want both with shooting and with editing...she's a great sister and indulges me! The bummer about this shoot is I should've switched up lenses, but that's the glory of learning a new system-sometimes you flop! I have thrown myself in to photography head first with no instructions, so it's only natural to crash sometimes...I like what a friend just told me (he does construction and was up helping us with concrete), "I don't judge others peoples work anymore because who knew what they were up against when they were doing it. Was is a lack of skills that made the job look bad, or something outside of their control. Because I never know-I never judge." Great call Seth...this shoot was user error completely, but that's the beauty of learning-it should never stop. I am reading constantly on how to improve my photography skills...and honestly-some shoots are better than others for myself and most other photographers out there...thank goodness I have a patient sister who is willing to let me figure things out while they sit in the hot sun! Love you guys and I hope you enjoy!!

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