Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oram Wedding...Eternity 2008

These are the pictures I have been working on for awhile for my bro-in-law and new sis-in-law. I would've usually had these completed a long time ago, but I have run into several issues with these pictures. Anyways, I still have some things I want to try later on, but for now I am glad to have them complete :0). They got married in the Salt Lake Temple on December 27th, which I wouldn't suggest-it's a very busy day (not to mention frost bite cold temps!!-or at least my feet thought so). It was beautiful though, and not snowing so that was a plus! Jessica and Chad were great to try whatever I asked them...including jumping off the fountain ledge (Chad didn't appreciate me too much when he hit the pavement-sorry Chad!) It's been a lot of work overall, but I know they appreciated the favor. We're super happy for them both, and wish them the best for the rest of their Eternity!


blondy said...

wow i really liked how you put a sunset in the back ground i never thought of that! your so nice for taking those for me.

Johanna Hallenberger said...

Great job! How is the photography going? I just did a wedding in SL last month.....hard to get around all the peeps! Did you ever find that Teacup?!

Johanna Hallenberger said...

Go to my photo site, April of 2008 and those are the first shots I tried with the tea cup and my Addy!