Friday, January 9, 2009

New Addition to the Oram Family

This is my new sister-in-law Jessica. We had a long car ride to Provo and then went straight to taking her bridals. She was a trooper tramping through the snow with me, but luckily for her she had on her super cute furry topped boots (I had snow everywhere on me by the time we were done-except my head). I know she was pretty stressed out that weekend, but we are glad that they are now married and that we have such a beautiful addition to our family! Congrats Chad and Jessica!!


Lindsy Hartsock said...

You were in Provo? What? When?

Johanna Hallenberger said...

I like these bridels.....brrrrr
Thank you for the nice comment! The tea-cups are actually planters! They are like 19 bucks at Walmart!! Good luck, let me know if you want to chat pics sometime!

blondy said...

aww! your so nice. its sad that in the 2 days your family was there so much got done and in the 2 months my family had to help nothing did. i apreciate you so much for all your sacrifices. i'm so happy to be part of you family!